Friday, October 31, 2008


Many Kudos go out to the birthday boys. I just got an e mail from Jim. I was going to give blood way over in Hanover but that's too far for something I always do at local places anyway, so why bother? Rose called yesterday. We always have to keep up with the New Yorkers. Last night I saw a couple of episodes of yet another long_lost eighties classic, "Check It Out", starring Don Adams. Tomorrow promises to be quite a very busy day for my mother & Fran at QVC. A lot of people really seem to enjoy that kind of thing. I just found out that Vanilla Fudge recorded a version of "Ramble On", the song we all know of from Led Zeppelin's early years. I like Led Zeppelin's version better though. Each one, in its own way, makes for quite an especially nice Friday dance. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. My parents went shopping for a few hours. Oddly, as cold as it is these days, there's one house in the neighborhood where some guy is always there cutting grass & doing yard work.

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