Saturday, November 01, 2008


November has started out quite uneventfully. My mother's ride came over this morning to take her to the big thing at QVC. I think Fran's friend Dolores may have been driving. Halloween appeared to have gone quite well even though there seemed to have been only relatively few kids out trick_or_treating. Unfortunately the candy's as fattening as it is enjoyable. In honor of the big night, Channel 96 showed reruns of "The Munsters" all night. Aunt Lauren is supposed to bring Benjamin over tomorrow in his costume. The only thing I didn't like about yesterday was that the doorbell rang entirely too frequently. As if I don't already despise telephones quite bitterly enough, now I have to contend with all the political calls too. At least they'll be over with after Tuesday. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday & he & my father went to their usual Friday night game at around 5:00. It must have been only a very short one because they were home by 9:00. I just noticed that the guy who played Mr. Clean died early last month.

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