Monday, October 27, 2008


On Friday night, I watched "Dr. Strangelove" again. Peter Sellers played three roles. I've seen it a few times by now. Recently I found out about Channel 96. Last night I watched two reruns, in a row, of one of my all_time favorite shows, "Newhart". After that I watched, on the Catholic channel, "Die Grosse Stille"/"Into Great Silence", an examination of life inside the Grande Chartreuse in France. Unfortunately it lasted for pert near three hours. I didn't even get to go to bed until slightly before midnight. Mary Anne called last night. As far as I know it wasn't about anything especially distinctive. When I tried to play my guitar yesterday the strings were all plum out of tune. That's always gotten me really frustrated. Yesterday I read a review, in the Times Leader, of a book that may turn out to be really interesting. It's by a Portugese author whom I have never even heard of. The books premise revolves around the question of what would happen if death were to abandon us. People would still get into accidents, get ill & suffer all manner of misfortune. Only death would be unavailable. Financially, emotionally, socially & otherwise, it turns out to be an absolute nightmare.

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