Monday, November 03, 2008


Happy birthday to Steve, who's one of my California friends. It's a very cold morning so far. It was raining when I first left today. My mother, Fran & Dolores all enjoyed their big trip to QVC on Saturday. Aunt Lauren & Uncle Jim brought Benjamin over in his Halloween costume yesterday. He was dressed as a monster. He spent a little while trying to play my guitar. As always he still wants to be both a policeman & fireman when he grows up. Tomorrow's the big day. Each of us shall have to get over to the polls & cast his vote for the presidency. Last night I showed up at the Holy Name Society meeting. Jerry made cheese steaks. I ate mine with relish. I even drank some wine & beer too. Fr. Walsh was there & the political side of things got utterly out of control with entirely too intense a shouting match. These weekend saw the end of an unusually long daylight savings time. I can't stand it when it gets dark so early at night, technically still afternoon. Yesterday on Channel three there was an ice skating tribute to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. I enjoyed it but it was entirely too long.

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