Saturday, November 08, 2008


When I was out before it wasn't raining but the sky was gloomy & everybody put his headlights on. I got gas over in Pittston in the gas station right next door to the church. It was really weird seeing how inexpensive it was. Obama's first press conference as president_elect yesterday went quite well. Unfortunately, while referring to his predecessors, he made a crack about Nancy Reagan's seances. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. Surprisingly, he & my father didn't end up going to a game. Much of the conversation was about food. Yesterday I ate ham & eggs for supper. That's the kind of thing that's always struck me as more the kind of thing that somebody should have for breakfast. I opened a bag of pistachios yesterday & ate some of them too. There are still more left. Not having eaten them in quite a while. They're the one with the white shells though they come in red too. My cousin Karen's birthday is on November 14, so I made quite sure I got her a card & sent it out this morning.

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