Thursday, December 18, 2008


I recently tracked down yet another connection from my days in Queens. Dennis & I were in the same class & I found him on Facebook yesterday. Having always been more than a little befuddled about whether the old neighborhood's in East Elmhurst or Jackson Heights, I made sure I asked Earl & Frank yesterday about it. Earl reminded me that we're somewhere in the middle & either name's allowed. It's sort of like a Lindenhurst & Copiague kind of thing, I should suppose. This morning I went for a total change of my usual habit. I ate an English muffin yesterday in the afternoon. That's most certainly no big deal because I always eat in the afternoon anyway. The surprise was that I even ate one for breakfast this morning too at around 6:30. Grace, Daren's mother, sent me a Christmas card. I got it yesterday. Daren died over three years ago. There's supposed to be a lot more snow coming tomorrow night. I just hope it doesn't affect the Carmelite meeting on Saturday.

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