Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yesterday it snowed for most of the day, starting very early in the morning. There was ice too. I made sure I called Barbara last night, to avoid taking any chances about this morning's Carmelite meeting. It's a big trip in bad weather. At first she said she'd expected it not to be cancelled. At around 9:15 last night, though, she called & said it would be cancelled. The library closed at noon yesterday & opened an hour late today. Yesterday I had an extremely hard time plowing through the traffic & the visibility absolutely stunk, but today things, so far, have been much better. My mother & Fran were supposed to spend this weekend making cookies for Christmas but their plans were postponed because of the weather. Lately I've been eating entirely too many peanuts. They're entirely too enjoyable for my own good & quite addictive if I don't wise up & watch my step. I just found out from Sam that Mary Anne's famous annual Hanukkah party was a real success last night. According to him, all went quite well.

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