Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Nothing much is going on these days. Happy birthday to Vic over in Lindenhurst. I never get to see any of that crowd in person anymore but the internet lets me keep in touch. Tomorrow is my big day. My inspection at Jack Williams is very early in the morning & will most probably take pert near all day to get over with. I have to get up insanely early for it but I haven't slept for a significant length of time since the JFK/Nixon debates anyway. Unfortunately Mistletoe, over in Finland, has a headache right now. She's one of my Facebook connections. I can't stand headaches. So far this year, I haven't gotten one. Uncle Frankie is still out of commission. He must be really run down these days. Yesterday I read a lot more of "Sense & Sensibility". I just found out on the site, 4marks, that there's a new board game out, Vatican the Board Game, that is all based upon how men become Pope.

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