Tuesday, March 31, 2009


According to an ad I've just noticed on Facebook, I'm now classified as a member of Generation Jones. This group includes those of us Baby Boomers who, born between 1954_1964, are a bit too young to to have been active during the 1960's. Maybe all this nitpicking serves a purpose but I'm not the least bit impressed. Gael's birthday was yesterday. I hope it all worked out well for her. I went over to Price Chopper yesterday for a couple of things. As soon as I first got there I ran into Frank from O.L. Sorrows, who called me a bum. I've been called much worse so I thanked him for toning it down. I'm still reading that big book about Marxism. I can't help being really interested in things like that. The weather's still entirely too cold but at least it's not raining. Easter's only twelve days away so it would be very nice if things could warm up a bit by then.

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