Thursday, April 02, 2009


Uncle Frankie has been feeling a little better lately & should be back on his feet starting today. Maybe we shall even be able to count on a visit from him pretty soon. Spring cleaning is one of the things that have been driving me nuts lately. All sorts of boring little chores keep sneaking up on me these days. Winter clothes have to be put away to make room for the light stuff. All these things have to get done & there now way to do them without getting very seriously annoyed. My Facebook connections have really been getting quite active lately. Amazingly there are all sorts of people from my St. Gabriel's days. Today's Doriana's birthday. She's one of my cousins, I suppose, from Italy. Lately the weather's been very cold in the mornings but today it should go up to around sixty degrees. Unfortunately my watch has been losing quite a lot of time these days. I suppose it is only a matter of time before I shall have to go get another battery.

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