Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It's colder today than I like. By now I've gotten plum sick & tired of seeing people bundled up for winter. All sorts of practical jokes must be making the rounds over the course of today. Uncle Frankie hasn't shown up lately. He's probably still ill. Larry called a couple of days ago. Fran & Mary Anne called yesterday. I just got the weirdest notice on Facebook. The site told me that Barack Obama has just claimed me as a cousin. Though we are both half_Irish, I really don't see any major family resemblance. Beatle George's son, Dhani, has a new band, thenewno2. Maybe I shall have to check them out one of these days. Beatle John's son, Julian came out with a good album, Valotte, in 1984. I just noticed on TV last night that the famous Jennifer Lopez was killed in a car crash on I_495. It was on the news all night. I read more of that big book on Marxism yesterday. Slowly I am getting down to the end of it.

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