Friday, April 03, 2009


There was a very nice spring shower when I first went out this morning. Even if it rains all day I won't especially mind if it can stay like that. Yesterday everyone expected a temperature in the sixties & it got into the seventies. Uncle Frankie's back in circulation. Yesterday he showed up with a few bottles of Turkey Hill's iced tea in a bag. All has been going well with him lately. Lately my Fossil watch has been getting me crazy. It's been a few years by now since I last put a battery into it. It only cost eight dollars the last few times I went to get my battery changed. Now there's one disadvantage. At least back then I knew exactly where I could go. Now I have to ask for help trying to track down someplace where I can get it done. I'm still reading that big book about Marxism. Amazingly, I'm quite close to the end by now. I got a post card yesterday from Child Jesus Church in Pittston. They want me to go over tomorrow morning at 10:00 to help them get ready for the Easter season which starts on April 12. I may show up.

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