Friday, March 06, 2009


Last night I managed to stay up late enough to see "Burn Notice". It was the season finale. As always it was quite an annoying experience for me because I've never enjoyed staying up late. The only thing on my schedule this weekend is yet another turn to lector tomorrow at 5:00 Mass. This time I have to cover for Mary. A rousing happy birthday goes out to Brianne this month. Hers was March 1. Of course, because it's Friday, we shan't be eating any meat today. That's usually pretty easy for me although I've most certainly always enjoyed meat. Once again I'm trying to talk to Doriana. She told me about her husband & son. The weather has been getting close to spring_like lately. This morning when I first left, it was about forty degrees which is very warm for the mornings around here lately.

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