Wednesday, March 04, 2009


March is here. It's a miserable month but it has a nice reputation because it portends the very beginning of spring. Because the weather will be soon getting very much nicer I shall have to start walking from then on. When I came home from Buffalo I had a really annoying headache that came back in the middle of the night after I went to bed. I'm feeling much better now. St. Patrick's Day & the Feast of St. Joseph are both coming up this month. They're only two days apart. Yesterday I finished "The Power & The Glory" & started re_reading Thackeray's "Vanity Fair". To my chagrin it's over eight hundred pages long with very small print. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. He only stuck around for a little while. Lately I've been trying to keep in touch with my cousin (?)Doriana in Italy. The language barrier gets me crazy. She speaks no English & I don't know enough Italian to keep things going very well.

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