Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Easter is only five days away. It promises to be quite a busy time. After a while I get sick & tired of all the food. Other than that, though, it's nice. Later today I should go for gas. My tank is getting seriously low. My car registration fee is paid now even though it's not due until the end of next month. There was something on it I couldn't figure out at first. After a few minutes though, I looked it up on the back of the form & it turned out to be really easy. There simply can't possibly be any legitimate excuse whatsoever for this endless winter garbage. It's always ice cold around here. Lately it seems as if I've been continuously busy with boring things. All I do is take out garbage & wash clothes. I just found out from pro_life activist, Norma McCorvey-we're on each other's Facebook friends lists-that Obama, the abortion president, has gotten all those letters from the Red Envelope project. That's really good news.

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