Thursday, April 09, 2009


There was ice on the cars' windows this morning & the temperature was thirty degrees. It's absolutely unacceptable. I'm just about finished with that book on Marxism. I only have around sixteen pages to go. This weekend, being Easter, is going to be entirely too active for me but it will be quiet enjoyable too. There will be plenty of kin constantly hovering around. Lately all I've been doing is taking out garbage & going up & downstairs with laundry. It's boring but not bothering with it is even worse. Every time I turn on VH1 these days, they always seem to be showing their retrospective of one hit wonders of the 1980's. Unlike the crap that's on the radio now, the music from that era was usually pretty enjoyable. At its very best it was extremely good. New Wave was one of the best things to happen to pop music. Disco stunk & rap is pure poison. I can't handle all the grunge, etc. either.

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