Monday, April 06, 2009


On Saturday I spent two hours, starting at around 10:00 a.m., helping with the spring cleaning at Child Jesus Church in Pittston. Yesterday, Palm Sunday, Uncle Frankie came over for supper. It was quite an active time both days. Today the weather is very bitter cold & raining. So far this spring stinks. It has given us significantly more very bad days than good. Maria called late yesterday afternoon. Mary Anne called last night too. The weekend was quite typical in that respect. I got a slight headache last night, the first in quite a while. I took a Motrin & it went away soon. Lately people have been putting up Easter decorations getting ready for the big day next Sunday. My father's big doctor's appointment is this morning over at the V.A. hospital. Lately I've been noticing that because of all the construction for the new bridge businesses in that little shopping center have been closing down. I may end up being forced to try to track down a new barber.

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