Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The weather seem to be showing some promise today of being consistently nice. For a while on Sunday & yesterday it rained. Lately my left arm still hurts. One broken limb can really get a guy crazy after a while. Today is my parents' fifty third wedding anniversary. Most marriages can't be expected to last that long. It's also Cinco de Mayo, an occasion of much interest to my Hispanic connections. I made sure I sent an e mail to Mary, whom I knew in O.L.P.H. & St. John's, to say buenos dias. She teaches Spanish. I'm still reading those Carmelite books. They're pretty deep but by now I've gotten used to all the obscure references. Last night I ate blueberry cereal. I've always really liked those kinds of cereals that are good for the health. As virtually always my TV watching habits have been restricted lately to the usual three game shows & old shows.