Saturday, May 09, 2009


Mary Anne & Bridget got here yesterday afternoon. Steve & the boys are unavailable. Fran will be showing up sometime pretty soon. Last night Bridget practiced her flute for a while. I think I recognized the theme from "The Magnificent Seven" somewhere among her greatest hits. Mary Anne, Bridget & my mother went shopping at Bon Ton early this morning. They always have especially nice sales. It's in the Midway. I've been reading more of that book by St. Teresa of Avila lately. Because of my connection to her order, it's all quite familiar to me by now. Alas, I have to say yet another happy fiftieth birthday this weekend to an old friend of mine. Diane, a homeroom classmate from St. John the Baptist High School, gets her big day tomorrow. To my chagrin, we're all getting up there. Surprisingly I've spent the past couple of days without any pain. I have no idea why I keep getting all these troubles but at least lately I haven't gotten any headaches or significant pain on my left side.