Saturday, August 22, 2009


I spent over an hour at Pittston's Tomato Festival yesterday. It rained early in the day, but by the time I got there it was really nice. There weren't any real surprises, just a very interesting time. It was a lot like the church's annual feasts. I still don't know very many people in this area so there weren't a lot of familiar faces. Uncle Frankie showed up so I ended up hanging around with him for a while. The only things I ended up eating were pizza & nuts. They have Italian, Greek, Eastern & Central European foods, beer & soda, all sorts of other ways of getting fat. As always I made my donation to the San Cataldo Society for a basket of cheer. There was a really good band. I was surprised to see that there was even a really nice fancy vehicle that was being raffled off for nothing. It's some kind of a promotional gimmick. Tomorrow's my nephew Michael's twenty first birthday. Time flies. It's also my friend Heather's birthday. We've never met in person. I only know her from sites like Facebook. She goes by the name Goosiegirl.