Tuesday, August 04, 2009


For a change of pace this morning I ended up going to the Unimart on Shoemaker Avenue for the paper. Gas prices have been consistently going up lately. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday, zucchini in hand. He only stuck around for a little while. My parents spent a few hours food shopping. Dave said hello to me this morning as I first left. For some odd reason he's always called me Leonard. I read a lot more of "Mansfield Park" yesterday. Since I've already read it a few times before, it's been coming back to me. I recognize a lot of it from the last times. My guitar playing has been coming along quite well lately. I practiced a few songs yesterday, especially the inevitable "Do You Want to Know A Secret?". Jim, in California, recently put a bunch of nice pictures about Cathy's high school class reunion. Everybody from their crowd went. The bad news is that she now has to spend three weeks on jury duty.