Friday, August 07, 2009


My father's car battery died yesterday. Oddly, he just got an inspection on Wednesday & everything worked out. At 10:00 a.m. yesterday he tried to start the car & it was dead. He called AAA & they got him in touch with a garage in West Pittston. They promised they'd show up within a half hour but never bothered to get there until after 2:00. When they got there they towed the car down to the Saturn dealership in Hanover & he got a new battery. Uncle Frankie came over with one of his very favorite pasta recipes & hung around for a while. I went to Wendy's over in Edwardsville yesterday & got a free chocolate milk shake with an old coupon I got from a blood drive a while ago. Today I was forced into the weirdest of detours. After I got out of Mass at O.L. Sorrows I went to the post office on Sixth Street to mail something. On the way back I was forced by the local policemen to go over the bridge, through Hilldale, into Wilkes_Barre. I ended up having to come home by way of the courthouse. Today we wish a very happy birthday to Autilia. She's married to my cousin Lanfranco. Tomorrow's the ninetieth birthday of one of the parishioners at O.L. Sorrows & St. Joseph's. Last night I saw the season finale of "Burn Notice". Barbara from the Carmelites called yesterday. She spent about ten minutes explaining a lot of details to me.