Friday, March 30, 2007

Almost Cut My Hair

That's a Neil Young oldie. Usually I live in the land of the Cowsills' oldie Hair. Yesterday, though, I trudged right on over to Rose's barber shop by the bridge on 8th Street & once again did the unthinkable. I got a haircut. Ever since I was but a mere young un, I've never been all that big on haircuts. Once in a while, though, I like to get stark raging silly. My lens fell out of my glasses again, this time in the parking lot. I've got to wise up & get something done about that. In my young hepcat days, a flowing mane was my trademark. KrissyKrissyKrissy's back from New York. The weather's still a smidge colder than I like it. The library parking lot's still getting me nuts. Gael got her birthday card. Cathleen told me, though, that there's not enough rain out there. We haven't gotten any lately here either. I see Rosie O'Donnell's put her foot in her mouth again. I've never liked her anyway, except when she played Nell Carter's foil on Gimme A Break. Bob Uecker, who played George Winslow on Mr. Belvedere, was hounded by a stalker a few weeks ago. Now I've heard everything. I can just imagine what the cast of Alf must be going through.

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