Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cool Lately

The weather's still a smidge chillier than I like it but it's getting there. Last night I saw Snakes on A Plane with Samuel L. Jackson. Hey it came out last year. That breaks a new world record for me. I just found out this morning that one of our local neighborhood parks will be having an Easter egg hunt pretty soon. We can count on all sorts of things like that these days. California Gael's birthday is tomorrow, in case I forget. She's involved with all sorts of Irish things, including genealogy, so she should have been born on St. Patrick's Day. Yesterday, on my way out of here, traffic in the driveway was blocked because some lunatic in a van parked there and made it impossible for me to get out. I went to the driveway of the church next door. Somebody else drove in though & made it impossible for me to get out. I hereby put a pox upon them all. That, & the loud guy on the cell phone right next to me in the library, drove me nuts. It's still quite a bit better than Copiague, though.

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