Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Old Cat Named Hercules

I just found out about Elton John's having recently turned sixty. It's hard to write a song with wrinkled fingers. He's been a very favorite of mine since I was a kid during his flamboyant period. I suppose he must have been influenced, back then, by the David Bowie/Mott the Hoople Glam Rock crowd, at least appearance_wise. Big news lately is that Michelle finally sent an e_mail out. She never sends anything. The weather is finally up in the seventies today which is all kinds of odd considering that there are still gigantic blocks of ice on the ground. April is very fast approaching & I just plain can't wait. Last night I watched something on TV that gave me a really weird idea. There was a show on about people who achieved their Andy Warhol_inspired goal of being famous for fifteen minutes. These specific people got famous by having made creative blogs. Since I don't happen, right now, to have any way of doing it with video, as they've been doing, I'm trying to develop as distinctive a way with words(always my speciality anyway)as I can. I hear the price of a first class stamp is going to go up very soon. At the postal service, the seem to think they haven't quite driven us crazy enough just yet.

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