Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting Really Nice Out Finally

The weather is finally getting warm although there are still many large, & some small, insanely out of place looking blocks of ice on he ground. I shall have to get started on my daily_ish walk again. Yesterday I finally saw the rest of Pulp Fiction. I also watched the 80's classic The Wraith with the living legend of Sherilynn Fenn. I can still remember her fromTwin Peaks. Yesterday, when I was at the Latin Mass, in Pittston, I made sure I asked the priest if he was a New Yorker. That accent of his could absolutely choke a horse. Sure enough, my guess was right. He's from Brooklyn. To my undying chagrin, I suppose I shall have to get a haircut pretty soon. So far, I've always gone to a place by the bridge on 8th Street. It's run by Rose. I'm just not a haircut kind of guy. KrissyKrissyKrissy got bagels today. They're some pretty groovy flavors too. Hi, Desert Call. In response to your questions on the Feast of St. Joseph: Yes, I'm a T.O.C. & no, I don't have any plans to go to Chicago unfortunately.

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