Saturday, April 21, 2007


This morning, I went to the T.O.Carm. meeting in Wilkes_Barre. It went quite well as usual. I was absolutely stunned as I was able to get around with light clothes. I didn't even have to be bothered with warming up my car. Last month's meeting was even cancelled because of a raging blizzard. A few people didn't show up. I went nuts today & drank a spot of tea at the meeting though I usuall end up getting coffee. Uncle Frankie came over for a visit & KrissyKrissyKrissy has an earache so she won't be back until tomorrow. Things have been working out quite well for her lately though. Every day lately that Virginia Tech story makes the headlines & it's a typical conversation piece. As expected, there are copycats. I agree completely with the guy on the news who said that a major source of all the trouble is the ACLU mentality. In this country, for entirely too long we've been obsessed with the left.wing assumption that the accused, at all times & at all costs to his innocent victims, is entitled to a blank check. The victims' rights are conveniently ignored.

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