Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, I see the weather has finally & at last given us the satisfaction of warming up a smidge. Will it last though? Lately it's been around fifty degrees. Today is the second anniversary of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's election to the papacy. As Benedict XVI, he's really been keeping people hopping. Last night I watched for the first time "Faith & Culture", Colleen Carroll Campbell's new show on EWTN. She interviewed Charles Colson, an Evangelical Christian who founded Evangelicals & Catholics Together. It was a very good show. I found out she once wrote speeches for W. but hey nobody's perfect. Didn't the living legend of Pat Buchanan once work for Nixon? Lately all the news has obviously been about that Va. Tech shooting. That's most probably not such an especially bright idea because it will most probably have an entirely detrimental impact upon many people. The news nabobs always dwell entirely to intensely on things like this. There just isn't any way to make it easy on people & it has to be reported but those news nabobs are always more concerned with sensationalism than legitimate journalism. Something should most certainly have been done about that kid a very long time ago. His dysfunctional track record wasn't exactly a very well kept secret. I just found out on the radio this morning that today is the fortieth anniversary of the day Hostess first invented Ho Hos. My old supervisor Carole, originally from Pittsburgh, should be quite proud that her hometown is the Ho Ho capital of the free world.

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