Friday, April 20, 2007


Today is finally & at last perfect weather absolutely. It's only around a month overdue. Tomorrow is this month's big Carmelite meeting. Last month's was cancelled because of a blizzard. I was beginning that would happen every month at the rate we seemed to have been going. The library computers are extremely crowded right now. I most probably don't have much time of my ten hours left on mine by now. All sorts of things are going on because of that mass murder a few days ago. There's at least one copycat so far. Many people I've met have even become afraid of lots of things in general exactly because of this incident. That guy was a real trouble maker & never got any help that could have prevented it all. Michelle has been sending out e mails every once in a while & I just noticed that she's sent me another one. This one is about nine angels who have to be sent out to nine people including her. Lots of times people send jokes, prayers, etc. I'm an especially big instigator in cyberspace. heh!heh! Today I also have to wish you a happy Friday dance. Yesterday I read an extremely seriously irritating essay in the Times Leader. It was written by an over_50 grandmother who bemoaned the fact that her little granddaughter was forced to settle for a bunch of obsolet nursery rhymes like "Mary Had A Little Lamb", "Jack & Jill", "Ring Around the Rosie" etc. instead of being allowed to have some new stuff today's kids could relate to. This attitude is very common & puts current events on a pedestal above history, religion (but of course, duh!)literature & all sorts of perks that can be gained by letting the little young_uns find out about yesterday's classics.

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