Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Elton John Has Declared Christianity Unacceptable By His Standards

Old, liberal rock star Elton Hercules John has decided that Christianity has failed to comply precisely with his entirely non_negotiable standard for compassion. Were it up to Sir Elton, of course, Christianity would be banned. Like all left_wingers, he for sure knows much better than the Church how things are supposed to be done. Hey, I've always really enjoyed the old boy's songs but talent is no guarantee of brains. Perhaps, Sir Elton, a smidge more fiber in your diet would do the trick. Lately the weather has been cold in the morning & very nice during the day. Let's hope for a groovy Easter, weather_wise. Things will be busy around here. Once again, I repeat, I shall not be lectoring, though I did get nudged into ushering a smidge. Today I took a contest ticket & a $20 bill to O.L.Sorrows for the big lottery thingy that's going on in May. It's for a big trip instead of money. It lasts all month so it ultimately works out to not even $1 a day for the price of the ticket. I used to sell stuff like this for fund raisers all the time in New York.

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