Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Saturday

All has been working out quite well so far. Fran came over for a few minutes today. I've gone for my second day in a row headache_free. It's ice cold but not raining, snowing or otherwise bad weather_wise. I got a card from Daren's mother. I'll be looking forward to all the cute as a bug's ear decorations, food etc. but I dread overdoing the food. Hey, I see even Jo Anne, one of the little red haired girls, has gotten back to sending e mail lately. Lots of times she's too busy. Although I've never particularly enjoyed shaving, neither have I ever especially relished the thought of having to traipse around looking like a derelict or bum, so I've been trying to get into the habit of shaving every day. Lately I have been doing quite well. My appearance, since I've never been able to grow a decent mustache, beard etc. is much better clean shaven.

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