Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April

I just found out, upon having searched the internet last night, that George W. Bush is planning to resign the U.S. presidency, making him the second to do so, both in my lifetime. According to the N.Y. Post & Philadelphia Enquirer, this will transpire on Monday, April 16, 2007. Soon we shall have Cheney at the controls. Today we shall be eating Chinese food in Wilkes_Barre. Now there's a typical Palm Sunday for you. I'm back on my own computer again for ten hours as of the new month. This week will be busy with all sorts of preparations for the big day. The Holy Name Society's meeting will be tonight because next Sunday is Easter. This will be my very first Easter ever as a hillbilly instead of a city slicker. I just got my car registration stuff & insurance stuff recently. Those things are enough to get a guy crazy after a while, with the only difference being that Pa.'s rates are much less expensive than N.Y.'s. Soon I shall have to take advantage of the nice weather & start walking again.

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