Friday, April 06, 2007


Last night I went to Holy Thursday Mass & Exposition at O.L.Sorrows. Today started out without a headache, & even ended up that way too, unlike the previous four days. I went to O.L.Sorrows for a few minutes & then to the Good Friday liturgy at St. Joseph's. After that I even went to the Liturgy, including Rosary & Stations of the Cross, at Child Jesus. Unlike at O.L.P.H., parking over here isn't usually an absolute nightmare though it has been known to get me more than slightly hysterical every once in a while. It's my very first Easter triduum as a for really & for truly resident of Pa. The weather's stunk like crazy lately. Canada appears to have send us more than a smidge's worth of a cold spell, so my undying & inconsolable chagrin. There was no meat on today's menu. Unfortunately, Bridget's been very sick lately, so Mary Anne & family won't be in until tomorrow. I think a lot of things lately, including my incessant headaches, can be attributed to flu cooties or something like that. The bug's been going around like crazy these days. I got a flu shot recently & maybe that's why I haven't been very sick.

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