Friday, July 20, 2007


Until tomorrow, little Kiernan is the newest of kinfolk. After the wedding it will be Mike's turn. The proud parents & grandparents have sent us pictures of the little buckaroo. Last night I watched that Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie,
Roberta. It's a smidge on the obscure side. Yesterday's storm was very forceful & violent but only lasted a really short time. I'm glad. It's pretty much occurred to me that Fred & Ginger can even lead us in this week's Friday dance. Of course, I'm most certainly not even the least bit looking forward to the long trip tomorrow but I can kind of get a kick out of the wedding. Elaine & George are cool & Stacy & Mike are in for a really neat time. I just hope I don't eat or especially drink too much. I just got an account on shutterfly & one on myspace. Hey, you never know where my wit & wisdom will show up next. I get quite a kick out of all the things that can be done on the internet. I just found out today is Tater Tot Friday.

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