Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Summer is still on a very hot streak. Mike's & Stacy's wedding is just a smidge around the corner & at least we're finally over the suspense over exactly who will end up with coins 105 & 106. I haven't heard, just yet, of an official decision about Matt's & Brianne's baby's name. I'm not looking forward to the big trip with all the traffic but the wedding will most probably turn out to be quite a hoot. The library's been hysterically crowded lately. Yesterday I even got kicked out after only an hour. I finally took advantage of an excuse to go check out the library in Plains. The good news is that it's a really nice, quiet environment. The bad news is the computer_yes, folks, there's a grand total of exactly one_is obscenely slow. The library's located on a steep hill in the same shoe box of a building as a few government agencies & the fire department. Dave came over today. He's quite a good handyman. Tom also showed up with a veritable plethora of neighborhood gossip. I know him from the Holy Name Society. Fran will be turning fifty in a couple of weeks. That's bad news because she's a grand total of only around two years older than I_duh!

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