Monday, July 16, 2007


Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. My kinfolk are rambling on lately because of Brianne's & Matt's little boy. Mike & Stacy get their turn to be the life of the party in a few days. I spent both nights of the weekend, Saturday & last night, at O.L.Mt. Carmel's annual feast. I only spent an hour_ish over there each night, but it was really nice. I got food & played with the money wheel. It was very crowded because it's a small parish. The traffic was pure hell. I most certainly seemed to have been cured of all my claustrophobia, anxiety attacks etc. If that kind of aggravation didn't drive me stark raging nuts, nothing ever will at this rate. There were left turns from hell. In New York I worked at St. John's & O.L.P.H.'s feasts. Over here I signed up for O.L.Sorrows one day feast. Saturday I thought I'd lost my library card but it was in another part of my wallet.

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