Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, folks, today appears to be shaping up as a right miserable day as far as weather_wise goes. At least up until the time I got to the library, there was a very cold, dreary rainstorm. The librarian doesn't have a car. He takes a bus to work every day. I'd go nuts if I were ever forced to walk back & forth everyplace in very bad weather but I reckon if somebody has to, then he has to. I noticed, this morning, that a lot of people who go to Mass at St. Joseph's walk there. The wedding is only two days away. I'm still reading that book by John Kennedy Toole. I've already read it a few times but I re_read lots of books. Cathleen's not working today. I know that because yesterday she sent me an e mail reminding me of it. There are lots of little young uns at the library today & it's even the librarian's birthday. I know that because they gave him a very nice party. Lately I've been listening to all sorts of extremely seriously old corny country music, not bluegrass, though I like that too, just country. It's amazing how much redneck stuff I must have absorbed over the course of my lifetime. I can still recognize all these old hillbilly songs from decades ago.

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