Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today was the big party for Gary's & Maria's daughter Tina. She recently graduated from high school. This week is also Maria's birthday. There were food & hooch galore, but then what else is new? Dino & Roseanne, Joe Jag, Adrian & Josephine, as well as all the other predictable classic characters made their inevitable appearance. I've known many of them since around 1980. We got here yesterday. Bridget & I sat in the back of the car & spent most of the trip watching that Robin Williams movie, "Mrs. Doubtfire". I really enjoyed it. Bridget got many very nice souvenirs from that holy roller camp she attended. The weather has been very hot both days. Today, on the way over to the party, my father dropped me off at Eddie's house first. Eddie gave me a Beatles' CD. I most certainly got quite a kick out of seeing a few of my Lindenhurst connections again. It's impossible to believe, but Msgr. Hamilton, believe it or not, is no longer in charge at O.L.P.H. Father John is gone back to India. The old neighborhood still looks really nice. I go way back in that area & have many really nice memories over there. When I later told Gary about the Beatles' CD, he gave me a Beatles' DVD. I accidentally cut my hand on it, but Maria supplied the much needed first aid. Well, folks, shucks & wazoo but it's finally & at last the end of an insanely long & arduously confusing era of my life story. Our legendary KrissyKrissyKrissy has moved out. Oddly, I do believe I shall miss her never_endingly confusing antics. We wish all the very best of luck to her & big & little Eddies.

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