Saturday, July 14, 2007


Today is Bastille Day(1790) in France. July 12 is also the anniversary of Orangeman's Day in England. These are two very proud & happy days for anti_Catholics. I just got great news from the Ronald. Brianne & Matt are now the parents of our brand spankin' newest little kinfolk, no. 105. Mike, Stacy's hubby_to_be, will have to get the 106 spot. I went to Mass at O.L.Mt. Carmel this morning at 7:30. There was confusion all over because their parking lot is entirely spoken for because of the feast. It will last for a few days. My Carmelite meeting is for next week_I accidentally said yesterday that it would be today. I can't go, though, because Mike & Stacy are getting married in Royersford. For over a year, I've been a regular on Newblog. In all that time, I ended up with twenty one people on my friends list, only two of whom, Lotus & Cindi, ever really kept in touch. Lotus gave me at least one very friendly hello a week, & Cindi & I were constantly rambling on at each other. I happened to have mentioned to Cindi a couple of days ago that that struck me as a distinctive deal. Of course, she got a million other Newbloggers rambling on at me. Now I have to keep track of many people.

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