Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today the weather is, so far, nothing to brag about. The sky is one humongous cloud. It will most probably start pouring sooner or later. I went over to Our Lady of Sorrows this morning & got my new schedule. I've never met more than a few of the people I shall be working with from now on. Bridget seems to have forgotten to give me back my dvd of "The Lord of the Rings". Of course, I've already seen it by now anyway. Tolkien feeds my obsessively pro.western culture side. He's one of the true greats but great Caesar's ghost none of his current fans appears to understand why. I get a good laugh at all those liberals just a_trudgin' over to the movie theatres & book stores to check out his stuff. Liberal Tolkien fan is like the ultimate in hyper oxymorons. His worldview is so anathema to theirs it's like insane_o. My bones, muscles, etc. are all sore these days but I reckon I can attribute that to a rough weekend.

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