Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The temperature's been going up over the course of this morning. It's been a really nice, quiet day so far. In general, life these days has been pretty uneventful. My father & Uncle Frankie are planning to take advantage of those Yankee tickets tonight unless their bad_weather curse kicks in. I've never liked sports anyway so I don't care. Steve promised to send me an e.mail from Europe this weekend. I've been getting quite an awful lot of hits from Wheresgeorge lately. There was too much going on in Wyoming's library today so now I'm in West Pittston's. It's much quieter here, at least right now. In Wyoming, they have an electrician fixing the wiring in the ceiling. This one's only slightly farther away. I've been vaguely thinking of trying the one in Wilkes Barre one of these days but the parking over in that general area absolutely stinks. At this library they have no parking lot but I at least get to park in the neighborhood.

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