Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today's shaping up to be quite a much nicer day than yesterday. I even got to cut the grass. My father & Uncle Frankie wanted to go to the big Yankee (Scranton/W.B., that is) game last night but it was rained out for the second time. They took a chance anyway though, & ended up being able to get Larry his shirt. For some insane reason, people around here & in N.Y. are Yankee fans. I'm still plowing my way through that Dostoyevsky book. Aaah, there's nothing like a good dose of Russian existentialism to relax a guy. I've always agreed quite completely with many of the things he espouses in his novels. It's just that he's a little more intense than most people are used to. Liberals don't like this side of me, but I'm the western culture guy & he's one of my favorite moments in western culture.

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