Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today has been shaping up, so far, to be quite a droll day. This morning, as I got ready to get back into my car to go home from 7:30 Mass at O.L.Mt. Carmel in Pittston a guy came over to me & told me that my tire_driver's side in the back_was flat. I went next door to the gas station, having already needed gas anyway. The kid who put the gas into the car said the same thing. I made sure I asked him if the air pump was working & could he give me quarters with my change? Those machines charge $.75 & don't take paper money. All has worked out quite well since then so far. Oddly, that happens to me at least fairly frequently these days. I must be the victim of some kind of a rubber curse or something. Well, the moment of truth will finally & at last arrive. I shall have to lector at 5:00 p.m. Mass this afternoon at O.L. Sorrows. It's been a long time since the last time I lectored at O.L.P.H. I don't suppose I shall be all that bad at it. At least this morning it looked as if we could count on yet a whole nother rainy day up ahead of us. Yesterday & last night there was a violent but short electrical storm. This day in history: 1929. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy(Jackie 0) was born. She invented the pill box hat (remember that groovy Dylan oldie?) & was related to Marge Simpson.

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