Thursday, July 26, 2007


Happy Birthday, Bert. Yesterday was a fairly busy time for me. I spent around twenty minutes on the phone_and I hate phones!!_stuck with some political survey. The main bulk of it was about Chris Carney. Last night, I saw Godspell, the early seventies musical based on the Gospel of St. Matthew. I came this close(my thumb & forefinger are touching.)to not bothering to watch it but I'm happy I saw it. It was very interesting because it showed the World Trade Center in its very early days, long before the Moslems blew it up & murdered all those people. I really didn't recognize any but three of the songs. I guess all those songs I still have rolling around upside my head must be from Jesus Christ, Superstar. Today's the anniversary of a fairly big accident I had back in the nineties. I got a card from Daren's mother. She gave me another really nice picture of Daren . Saturday would have been Daren's birthday & everybody really misses her.

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