Thursday, August 16, 2007


On this day in 1969 the famous Woodstock Concert was going on. Exactly eight years later, Elvis(uh.huh,uh.huh)Presley died. I can still remember both those times. Cousin Larry says he even tried to go to Woodstock. Of course, he blew it because it wasn't really even in Woodstock. It was in Bethel on Max Yasgur's now legendary farm. I've never all that much liked Elvis anyway, but Woodstock era stuff always leaves me stranded in sock_it_to_me time. Things lately have been quite droll for me. Many of my internet connections are complaining of a heat wave, but I've been noticing a smidge of coolish around here lately. At the very least, I most certainly don't have to suffer in my car these days from heatstroke. It's always entirely too hot for me on a hot day. I went for a walk yesterday, though only a very short one compared to what I've gotten used to by now. I can walk at least a mile or two at a time but yesterday_or as it the day before?_I went only a fraction of that.

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