Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Uncle Frankie & Aunt Lauren both showed up at around the same time last night. He comes over much more frequently than she. I'm pert near finished with that Jane Austen book. It's relatively short but even at over fifty pages a day, it still takes a while. I sent out resumes to the University of Scranton & Borders. Mary Anne & Steve have connections that may even be able to help me with one of them. Oddly, even though I have already been here for well over an entire hour, it's not even the least bit crowded compared to yesterday. Anytime now, though, the disaster may start so I have to hurry. Cathleen just told me that she'll be giving blood soon. She says she usually gives blood on Valentine's Day & Halloween but anytime works out well for me. My turn was last week. I always highly recommend blood donations. I got my Lindenhurst KofC Council newsletter, the Tidings, yesterday. Pretty soon my old parish, O.L.P.H., will be installing a new pastor. Congratulations to Father Anthony M. Trapani. He has most certainly quite a tough act to follow. An entire generation of O.L.P.H.ers literally grew up with Msgr. Hamilton.

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