Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tonight, at St. Joseph's, there will be a meeting for all feast workers. The feast this year is on my birthday. This will most probably even turn out to be the very last meeting & I missed all the other ones. It's at 7:00 p.m. & I should assume it will be in their basement. The weather lately has been quite a real scorcher. I made sure I got my Wendy's milk shake over with yesterday. Unfortunately, the nearest Wendy's is in Edwardsville. Because of the heat wave, I should suppose, the traffic over there in their parking lot was stark raging nuts. I've never seen such a long line for a drive_through. You'd think they were giving the stuff away. Anyway, I got my druthers between chocolate & vanilla. I ended up asking for vanilla. I truly enjoyed it. Now I only have my McDonald's coupon left to get over with. Yesterday I saw two episodes of "The Twilight Zone". There was even one I can't remember having ever seen before. I pert near never bother with new shows but I've always really enjoyed the old stuff. That's pretty much just about my entire approach to life in general anyway.

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