Saturday, September 01, 2007


This morning was awfully cool at first. I cut the grass & got it over with. At The Theologian's Cafe, someone just recently brought up a point quite worth pondering: Was Princess Diana's death more significant than Mother Teresa's death? Our secularist culture would, of course, most certainly say so. The world is now observing the tenth anniversary of both their deaths. My cousin Vinnie, after having been theologically unavailable for any comment over the course of the past several years, appears once again to have been smitten quite fiercely by the Sola Scriptura bug. He's just sent me a couple of e mails recommending that I take his approach to matters eschatological. Yesterday I started reading "MacBeth". As you can quite plainly see, I've decided to stick to plays for a while. "MacBeth" is significantly shorter than "Troilus & Cressida". It still requires intense powers of concentration though. It gets me stark raging nuts with all the obsolete language & incessant footnotes.

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