Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thirty six years ago this very day, I moved from 92nd Street in East Elmhurst to Lido Prom East in Lindenhurst. There was a torrential downpour that day too. My adolescence started at roughly that time so it was quite a jolt for me. I was forced to make new friends, go to new schools & get used to all sorts of other new stuff. Oddly, it occurred to me quite a while ago that I've always lived in places that are named after some connection to plant life. I've lived in East ELMHURST, LINDENHURST & PennSYLVANIA. It's all tree stuff. Six years ago today, the Moslems bombed the World Trade Center & the Pentagon & hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, murdering well over three thousand people. That was on a Tuesday too. I got a card yesterday from Daren's mother. It's very sad that Daren died over two years ago. Her mother said that Fr. John went to Mexico & that his replacement is from Haiti. Fr. John is the kind of a likeable character whom everyone will miss. He's extreeeemely talkatiiiive in a neat way. He's from India & has quite a hyper_thick accent. I've finished filling out my application for that book store job. Now all I have to do is just to take it to the store.

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