Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today the temperature has been, so far, at least a smidge under sixty degrees. I'm used to heat stroke weather these days, & very seriously prefer it, but this is nice too. I've really been delving pretty far into that Charlotte Bronte biography. It's very easy to see that, unfortunately, the woman who wrote it has quite seriously annoying left_wing leanings. I've been trying to change the style of my Myspace account. I do this with lots of my other accounts too but it's hard with this one. My birthday's coming up. It's on Sunday & I shall be spending it over at St. Joseph's working at their Harvest Festival. Last night my father & I went over to the church for a minute to give them some stuff they could use.

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The map here posted is a map of all parts of the world where this blog, so far, has been seen. Hey, my wit & wisdom most certainly gets around more than I ever have in person, I can tell you that much for sure.

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